If anything hinders your desire to settle down, trust that God will handle it. Spiritual complications can sometimes prevent people from getting married, but God has said that it's not good for man to be alone, and finding a wife is a good thing that brings favor from the Lord. We rely on these scriptures and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit to help those who are sincere and ready to find a partner for marriage. Numerous households face challenges due to negative environmental influences, peer pressure, and other complexities. Some homes are struggling to stay afloat, while others have already crumbled. However, there is a glimmer of hope - like the fig tree that can regrow even after being cut down.

We will hold these meetings as guided by the Lord to tackle the spiritual task of reclaiming homes from the devil. We strongly believe that we can help people achieve their desire for marriage and assist those on the brink of it falling apart. We are here to salvage and deliver hope to those in need. Every household can benefit from prayers. They can help prevent bad situations and sustain good ones. No problem in a home is too big for the power of God and prayer to handle and resolve. As humans, we all face struggles and can benefit from this prayer. God is willing and able to provide assistance.